Justin Park cut his literary teeth as the horror writer J. R. Park, releasing his first book, Terror Byte, in 2014. Since then he helped form the Sinister Horror Company, a publishing imprint he still runs. 

Sinister Horror Company quickly became recognised for its varied styles across the horror spectrum and the top quality of its output, making it one of the most highly respected independent horror presses.

Justin's writing is critically regarded, and noted for his versatility, experimentation, tightly structured plotting and lyrical prose.

Teaming up with the UK's leading extreme horror author, Matt Shaw, Justin began working on feature films.


Next Door film available via Vimeo

Justin has been working on the new Matt Shaw film Next Door. A horror-comedy, the film has now been completed and it available to buy or rent from Vimeo.

You can watch it HERE.

Justin has been working as Assitant Director as well as contribuing to the Production, Writing and Editing of the film. He also acts in the film.

A Death Dream In Isolation released

'A Death Dream In Isolation' has been released as the Sinister Horror Company's first chapbook. The chapbooks are hand numbered and signed, and limited to 50 copies only. It is available to purchase through the Sinister Horror Company website, and won't be reprinted, meaning that once the 50 are sold it won't be seen again.

Death Dreams In The Dark is released

Park's short story collection Death Dreams In The Dark was released on 22nd November 2019. The book is the third short story collection in his Death Dreams series, and once again Jorge Wiles has created the beautiful cover image. The books contains the short stories Nunight, Halloween Night, The Darkling, Late Night Caller, Mary, Do What Thou Wilt, The Ugly, Diamond In The Rough and The Last Horror Story.

Punch Movie Options secured

We're excited to announce that the movie options for the horror book Punch have been purchased, and the production team are currently working on the screenplay.

Debut Poetry book released

'I Promise I'll Let You Down' is Justin's debut poetry collection and was released on 28th September 2019. Justin started writing poetry in 2012 and so this collection has seen a dream realised. The topics and themes are taken from the heart and a complete diversion away from his horror stories.

Year's Best Hardcore Horror Vol. 4

Justin's story 'The Ugly' features in Year's Best Hardcore Horror Volume 4 published by Red Room Press.

The story was inspired by a rather strange nightmare and after reading it DLS Reviews said in his review 'it’ll haunt you for days to come'.

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