Monster - Assistant Director & Contributing Writer

Film: Monster

Director: Matt Shaw

Director of Photography: David Dearlove

Starring: Tracy Shaw, Rod Glenn, Laura Ellen Wilson, Tony Cook & Danielle Harold.

Synopsis: Based on the best-selling book of the same name, MONSTER tells the harrowing tale of Richard, Mary and Andrew - a family of three. On the outside, Mary and Richard appear normal and their son, a deformed hulk of a 7 foot monster rarely seen. Look closer though and see the true monsters as controlling Richard bullies his family into living the life he wants.

Next Door - Assistant Director, Contributing Writer, Additional Editing, Producer & Actor

Film: Next Door

Director: Matt Shaw

Director of Photography: Dean Letts

Starring: Jan Anderson, Vas Blackwood, Jeremy Edwards, Amanda Clapham, Jamie Lomas, Rod Glenn, Danielle Harold, Nathan Sussex, Nicole Faraday, Tony Cook, Laura Ellen Wilson.

Synopsis: Do you really know who lives NEXT DOOR to you? In Matt Shaw's new horror / thriller we take a look at the lives of those living behind closed doors on a seemingly busy street - What skeletons lurk within?

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