Justin has been running the Sinister Horror Company, a publishing imprint, since 2015. Their reputation has been built on a steady stream of quality products, with high-end production values and attention to detail.

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"One of the best presses currently operating in the UK are The Sinister Horror Company. Since their inception only three years ago in 2015, they have striven to produce excellent books to rival those by far bigger companies." - This Is Horror

The Sinister Horror Company was the first publisher to receive the coveted 'Ginger Nuts Approved' award from the Ginger Nuts Of Horror Website.

Working collaborative with the authors, Justin edits, proof reads, designs layouts and formats interiors, writes blurbs and has done cover designs. His work has not only been for the publication of the Sinister Horror Company, but he has assisted with books for Matt Shaw Publications and Burdizzo Books.

The Unheimlich Manoeuvre cover created by Justin

The Devil's Guest interior formatting by Justin

The Pirate, The Mermaid & The Silver Spoon interior formatting by Justin

What Good Girls Do proof edit, blurb creation and interior layout by Justin

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